The Sandgangers


Leader : Varies
Membership : Unknown

Capital : Varies.
Sector : Everywhere.
Identifier : Varies with gang, but generally a Stylized Skull Symbol.
Activities : Control of territory and resources.
Attitude : Domineering, Cruel, Chaotic.

Common Equipment : Bows, Chains, Clubs.
Allies : None. Limited trade with Trader’s Fort.
Enemies : Everyone Else.

Sandgangers are a diverse faction, that comes from a variety of origins, bringing with them an assortment of skills. They are nearly always exceptional fighters in every respect, but most have experience in group combat and survival techniques. Most sandgangers have their sights set on becoming a gang leader one day so that they can call the shots and reap the benefits. Of course, with so many competing over scarce resources, many will have to fail.

Some sandgangers form pacts with neighboring sandgangs in an attempt to eventually form their own kingdom. Most of their domains are small, and some are generally unknown to the others of the planet. A select few have risen through the ranks with the help of powerful or intelligent leadership, claiming territory and battling with other small sandgangs to increase their prestige and firepower, or to control fortified strongholds, fuel, or other supplies. Sometimes these gangs have a centralized fort where they operate small-scale trading operations for needed materials.

The Sandgangers

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