The Warriors


Leader : Cunningham
Membership : 3200

Capital : Bullfrog Caves (Underground Fortress)
Sector : Northern Crassant (Sector 4).
Identifier : Crossed swords.
Activities : Mercenaries for hire, Extensive Mining Operations, Acquisition of Fine Weapons.
Attitude : Disciplined, Egotistical, and Savage.

Common Equipment : Cyberwear, High-Tech Weapons.
Allies : Cyberville. Temporary alliances with various nation-states who employ their services.
Enemies : Most nation-states and minor gangs.

The Warriors, as their name implies, are a large band of mercenaries who hire out their services for outrageous prices to anyone needing heavy weapons and vehicular support. Big conflict or small, the Warriors will deliver the bodies and equipment. Although many nation-states and merchants use their services, their loyalty is questionable once their contract is complete, and they can never be permanently bought. What goes around, comes around.

The Warriors are content with their large-scale mining operations run entirely with bought slaves, which profits go to purchase high-quality weapons and cybertech from visiting off-world merchants.

Many nations discuss a concerted effort against the _Warriors to break them, as they tend to be the swing factor in most every conflict. There are, however, no actual operations against them, a their power is considerable and they could ruin practically any nation-state that rises against them.

The Warriors

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