Battletech : Rise of the Republic

“We real cool.
We left school.
We lurk late.
We strike straight.
We sing sin.
We thin gin.
We jazz June.
We die soon.”


The Rim Worlds Republic ended as a state on 2769 with the fall of Apollo to the SLDF, and its political power collapsed with the death of Lord Amaris in 2779, when Kerensky retook Terra from the armies of the Republic. The worlds of the Republic were occupied, or looted and abandoned to their own fates. But not everything that was loyal to the Republic died in the War…

This campaign places a heavy emphasis on the latest 4th Edition “A Time of War” RPG rules of the venerable Battletech RPG presently published by Catalyst Game Labs, in addition to the traditional “Pen and Paper” Battletech 4th Edition “Total Warfare” combat rules.

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Battletech : Rise of the Republic